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Futures Prop Reviews Methodology

Futures Prop Reviews is an online prop trading company reviews platform. We focus on reviewing the leading companies within the prop trading industry by including all the most critical factors. Our priority is to provide you with accurate information and ultimately help you find the Proprietary Trading Firm that will suit your personal requirements.


We review each Proprietary Trading Firm based on the exact same criteria to evaluate all the necessary factors of each company perfectly.

Evaluation Formula

We evaluate four critical factors of each Proprietary Trading Firm.

Reviewed Factor Explanation of Importance
Prices We closely assess the prices of each proprietary trading firm, conducting a thorough analysis of trading fees, non-trading fees, and associated costs. The importance of this testing lies in providing potential traders with a clear understanding of the financial implications of trading with a specific firm. By rigorously evaluating prices, we empower traders to make informed decisions, ensuring they can choose a proprietary trading partner aligned with their financial goals and preferences in the dynamic landscape of proprietary trading.
Trading Conditions We closely examine the trading conditions for each proprietary trading firm, considering factors like fees, leverage, spreads, and order execution speed. This testing is vital as it offers potential traders insights into the operational environment, ensuring transparency and aiding in informed decision-making. Our rigorous assessment of trading conditions aims to assist traders in navigating market complexities effectively, enabling them to choose a proprietary trading partner aligned with their preferences and goals in the dynamic landscape of proprietary trading.
Community Feedback We closely assess community feedback for each proprietary trading firm, examining reviews, testimonials, and discussions on various platforms to grasp real users’ experiences. This testing is vital, offering valuable insights into the firm’s reliability, customer service, and overall performance from the trading community’s perspective. By integrating community feedback, we enrich our assessment, providing potential traders with a more comprehensive understanding and empowering them to make informed decisions based on the collective experiences of their peers in the trading community.
Support We closely assess the customer support of each proprietary trading firm through firsthand interactions across diverse channels. This is crucial to ensure potential traders have access to responsive and effective support, fostering a positive trading experience. A robust customer support system is vital for prompt query resolution and assistance. Our assessments guide traders towards firms prioritizing excellent customer support, creating a reliable and supportive trading environment.


Our values

Futures Prop Reviews’ primary mission is to provide assistance to traders who are looking to find a reliable Proprietary Trading Firm. Our review process is built on the following factors:


    • 1. With a commitment to absolute integrity, we operate independently, ensuring that our rating remains untainted by any proprietary trading companies.

    • 2. Employing a consistent approach, we review proprietary trading companies based on the same criteria, providing you with entirely unbiased insights into the most dependable prop trading companies in the industry.

    • 3. We stress transparency, ensuring that our ratings are solely influenced by our firsthand encounters with the proprietary trading firms undergoing review.

    • 4. As previously pointed out, our comprehensive reviews derive from the firsthand experiences of our analysts. This means that each review is developed through real-time trading with every unique prop trading company.



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